Sunday, May 29, 2011

the elephant.

I carved this one after gym class one Friday, while I was waiting for the bus. I had gone to see De l'eau pour les éléphants earlier that week. I absolutely adored the film, it was so beautiful.

les bonhommes.

I carved these little guys on another long bus ride: a four-hour trip back to Arlon, Belgium from Antwerp, where my senior class went to visit the shipping port.

the raccoon.

This is Omer, the raccoon that represents Odyssey of the Mind. I carved him during a five-hour bus trip to Binghamton, NY for the Odyssey of the Mind State Competition in March 2010 (where my team ended up taking fourth place in our division).

the music note.

I carved this apple when I was at an all-county band festival. I played xylophone in the orchestra, and in the spirit of the music, I decided to carve an eighth note. And if you're wondering about the position of my hands, yes, I did like Twilight at the time. I had just read the first book, I think.

the beginning.

Hello. My name is Mary, and I like apples. I'm also a little bit of an artist. As a result, I like to play with my food. A while ago, I started amusing myself at lunchtime at school by carving faces into my apples before I ate them. Tools are simple- I just use my fingernails to cut into the skin of the apple. These three apples above are what I created when I just started. I think I carved them a few years ago, and unfortunately the photo quality isn't great.

Anyway, that's just a little introduction to my new blog of apple carvings. Enjoy.