Friday, June 24, 2011

the bicycle.

I made this bicycle on the train on Wednesday afternoon, after spending the day at Walibi Belgium with some friends from school. We were completely soaked, since it rained almost the entire day, and when we got to Ottignies, our train got canceled. We ended up having to take an international train about a half hour later, but the train was completely packed. We had to stay standing until Namur since there were no seats. I was leaning on someone's bicycle in between train cars. I had to use it for support since there were no bars near to where I was standing.

Monday, June 6, 2011

the airplane.

This airplane was done while I was sitting in the Salle des Rhétos during an étude, when I probably should have actually been studying. Instead I was talking to Danielle, another exchange student and my very good friend, who will be leaving Belgium tomorrow. I have been thinking too much about my own departure from this beloved place that has become my home.

Il y a du temps...quelques mois, même, j'ai adoré regarder les avions dans le ciel. c'est quelque chose qui a commencé quand j'étais très jeune et je voulais devenir pilote. maintenant, je ne peux plus les regarder sans avoir larmes dans les yeux...